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Joan is an empowering and clear channel! I highly recommend her! Her intuition, knowing and spiritual tools have proven to be powerful tools for me in moving forward in my life. Guidance is “spot on”, clear and always just what I needed to hear, action steps provided are simple (doable) yet profound. I feel the truth in my heart during my session and connections with my Divine. I am so very grateful! -G.N., Intuitive Reading



We worked on my long standing issues of self worth and body image.  Joan lead me in exercise that nurtured and inspired me.  I came home and threw away my scale! The experience of the retreat was enhanced by my time with Joan and has extended to my life back home. -C.Y.

This was transformative for me. Joan, you are intuitive and thoughtful and I loved your perspective on my concerns and issues.

-A.D., Wellness Session

I loved the workshop on finding a special space, both within and without. Very meaningful exploration. -D.M., Workshop Participant

10+, 10+, 10+. Plus. For everything we did. Unbelievable experience I can’t put into words. It filled me in every way I possibly could be. -M.M., Retreat Participant

Retreat exceeded expectation. Quite a closing. Everything just exceeded anything I could have imagined. I will cherish this for a long, long time. -D.M., Retreat Particpant

I recently was lucky enough to attend a yoga retreat to St. Lucia with Joan as guide.  She was wonderful and handled everything that could possibly come up with grace and ease.  She was attentive to the individual wants and needs of the group.  Joan mixed wonderful excursions with equal parts of quiet relaxation.  In addition to being a wonderful and very organized  tour guide, Joan added to the retreat with her meditative and energetic teachings.  Overall an excellent value for body, mind, soul and purse!!

 I will definitely travel with Joan again and can’t wait for her next retreat! -S.C., Retreat Participant

This was transformative for me. Joan, you are intuitive and thoughtful and I loved your perspective on my concerns and issues. -A.D., Wellness Session

I was fortunate to be able to meet with Joan for an angel card reading. She made me feel so comfortable while creating an energetic connection with me. She gave great insight into my current life situation as well as things to come. It helped me see things with more clarity and was a truly valuable experience. Joan left me with good advice and a much improved sense of well-being! I will definitely be meeting with her again. -A.S., Intuitive Reading with angel cards

I had the pleasure of meeting Joan through a yoga retreat held on The Balenbouch Estate located in southern Saint Lucia. I signed up, not having any specific expectations, but figuring it would be a fun vacation with some yoga. As a solo traveler with very little experience outside of the U.S. I was slightly concerned about logistics and safety. However, upon booking, I was given a detailed, thoughtful itinerary which covered all of my concerns. 


Upon arrival on Saint Lucia I met the driver and was taken to a beautiful beach to relax. Joan was there, and immediately began the process of detangling stress, and acquainting me with other guests and local customs. Joan had arranged a trip that covered all aspects of travel; fun, adventure, education, and meeting new people. What I didn't know she had also planned was an inviation for a personal transformation.  Arriving at Balenbouche was magical, one of those moments when you know you've made one of your best decisisions, and something wonderful is waiting! The food, the rooms, the yoga space, everything was unexpected and beautiful due to the place Joan had selected, as well as all the special touches Joan arranged for.  I can't decribe the details of the yoga space details, I'm not that talented a writer, but we all needed to take photographs to remember how special the circle of mats centered around our basket of flowers with leaves and round stones set the tone for trust, love and peace in our group. I would later realize, while the photos are beautiful, I remember in my mind with clarity the entire feel of the space as well as it's visual beauty.


During this trip I had two, what I thought were "out of body experiences"  They were both on the veranda at the main house of The Balenbouche Estate, sitting at the table with my new friends.  What I've come to believe is that there were not so much "out of body" as "in the moment".  This phrase gets tossed around a lot, but is truly nearly impossible to attain in my day to day life.  At those two moments in time, every sense was aligned, and I as able to notice and stay present. Joan had created an environment which allowed such an event to occur, if I was willing to trust and follow her suggestions.  As a group we practiced yoga, called angels, forest bathed, meditated on stillness and movement, and supported each other in calling back our lost parts. We ate incredible food, were introduced to local people, and those who came with unlikely passages leading to this place.  We soaked in mudbaths, bathed in waterfalls, hiked and swam, totally taking in our incredible surroundings.  This was not a sightseeing adventure.  This was a "down to your soul" transformative week. I've had great vacations where I've felt recharged after a week of unplugging from the day to day life I'd created. But, usually after a few days, the feeling dissapates and the only reminder is a photograph.  This journey, orchestrated with love and care by Joan, was indeed a life event for me.  This trip changed my perspective in a lasting, positive way.  I carry the people I met, and the intimate changes we witnessed in each other in my heart.  I could not recommend a better person to trust with your travels, if you are open and willing to accept the energy and healing she is offering. -D.P., Retreat Participant.

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