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M y   P A T H

Always a life-long learner, my tool box continues to grow.

It consists of teachings from masters, shaman and sages gained through

world-schooling experiences with my family where

I often found myself in the right place at the right time 

and from wise-ones in classrooms, workshops, villages, or ashrams

Reiki Master for over 20 years

Level 2 Theta Healing Practitioner 

3 initiations into the ancient Incan lineage of Light Body Healers directly from “Juan”, Q’ero shaman from high Andes in Peru

9 Rites of the Shamanic Teachings of Munay-Ki received in Glastonbury at Tor, the land of King Arthur

Study with a 19th generation shaman in Ecuador, receiving his blessings on this journey

Apprentice to “Malcolm” Bush Medicine Practitioner

in St. Lucia, West Indies 

Oneness Blessing Giver & Golden Orb Deeksha Blessing Giver

Certified Women's Circle Facilitator 


 Hypnosis   training

Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance Certified 


Certified Angel Healing Practitioner 

Certified in Occupational Therapy

Degrees in Anthropology and Sociology


My grandmother read tea leaves and I grew up

knowing that intuition and our sixth sense is real


Phone: (585) 330 5337

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