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  W E L L N E S S

Beneficial for relief from any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issue, you will leave our Integrative Wellness sessions feeling calmer and more relaxed which continues to affect your body’s natural healing response long after we part.


The ultimate purpose of each of our sessions is for you to feel more whole, healthy and the fullest expression of a vibrant you.


Tapping into your own natural healing abilities with suggestions and techniques for you to use on your own is an important component of our work together.

Every session differs depending on your conditions, issues and Divine Guidance being relayed.


Sessions may include one or more of a thoughtful, integrated blend of modalities for your well-being that may include: reiki, theta healing, hypnosis, breathwork, sound, guided meditation, gentle yogic postures or more.


We wrap up discussing session components and guidance for continued well being.

Phone: (585) 330 5337

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